Photo 16 Jul 3 of Hearts ((Toke me forever!))

3 of Hearts ((Toke me forever!))

Photo 16 Jul 3 of Hearts and Tiny 

3 of Hearts and Tiny 

Text 14 Jul 7,493 notes send me a ☾ for my muse waking up to find yours in their bed in the middle of night

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Photo 14 Jul I know, thanks any ways :)

I know, thanks any ways :)

Chat 14 Jul 2 notes Any one out there?
  •  Wondering if anyone doesn't mind chatting with me?
Text 14 Jul 45,361 notes Send me a ╰☆╮ if your muse thinks my muse is attractive


Bonus points for exactly what.

(( I totally wanna give this a try))

Text 14 Jul 2,932 notes Send % for the first 3 emotions my character feels when seeing or thinking of yours.

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ryuicefox said: Clap?!


Aeon looked at the fellow, her eyes wide with embarrassment and disgust. “Just wait til’ my dad finds out about this,” she mumbled crossing her arms and legs. She felt horrid in the outfit.

Waits for daddy dearest to show up. ( (Worth any beatings))

Photo 14 Jul Candy Crush

Candy Crush

Chat 14 Jul 33,862 notes IT'S MUNDAY :P
  • ♠: Full name?
  • ≈: Mun nickname
  • ♫: What's your gender?
  • ☼: How old are you?
  • ╪: What country are you from?
  • Ω: Show your face!
  • ☮: How long have you been rp'ing?
  • ♥: What fandoms are you in?
  • ♡: Your favourite film, book and television series.
  • ♦: Relationship status?
  • ♣: Song you're listening to right now?
  • §: Favourite song?
  • ∞: Celebrity crush?

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